An android app to simplify the implementation of the COPUS protocol.


A number of screenshots of the app are shown below. The screenshots show following screens:

  • Screen prior to starting an observation.
  • Screen during an observation
  • Warning screen when you are about to start a new observation but the information from the previous observation is still in the phone's memory.
  • Screen at the end of an observation after you click the stop button.
  • The settings menu.
  • The settings option.
  • The help option.
This is the view prior to the start of an observation.
This is the view during an observation after some of the options have been chosen.
If you try to start a new observation but have a previous observation stored a warning message is given.
After you stop an observation you are given a warning that the results of the observation are not saved. You have to send the observation as an email in order to make sure the records are saved.
When you click on the options button you get several different options.
Presently there is only one option that can be saved. This is the email address that your observations will be sent to when you send the results of an observation.
The help option provides a brief set of instructions on how to use the app.